The Univision interview from this morning (April 25, 2012). Tom speaks excellent Spanish in the interview, and tries his first cup of Cafe Cubano. Sorry, but it may play instantly if you try and reblog it, and I can’t figure out how to stop that. 

My mediocre attempt to translate some of it - most of the interviewer stuff is a paraphrase, but I am trying to get Tom as precisely as possible. Please correct where needed! 

Tom: Thank you, many thanks, all. 

Interviewer: It’s incredible that you speak Spanish. Did you study it? Why do you know so many words in Spanish? 

Tom: I understand more than I speak. I understand a lot. I studied it when I was fifteen in school. 

Interviewer: The movie is about all of the Superheroes, and one villain. What is the name of the villain and how do you portray him? 

Tom: I am Loki, Loki is the brother of Thor. Loki has a [partillo? partido?] heart, he’s arrogant and argumentative, and Thor is brave and strong. 

[I am not sure where the 2nd part of the video with the Cuban Coffee portion is; if anyone has a link drop it into my Ask please?]

25 April 2012 ·

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