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Hallo! Swear I'm not being all stalkerish and all. But my wife said you were the Heidi who posted earlier today on the FB event for Mark Does Stuff in DC, which makes sense, as we have multiple mutual friends. In which case I just wanted to say hi! but also - I thought you were from somewhere-not-here-in-DC? Either way, if you make it, I'd like to say hi. Or at least wave shyly from the corner.

— Asked by notmissmarple

Hi! Yes, I am! And no, I don’t live in DC (although I used to - I went to law school at American) but I’m speaking at Penn Law on March 29, and couldn’t go home without swinging through DC to see Mark (and everyone else, and possibly Doctor Who too!). See you there - definitely please introduce yourself!

(I’m also on twitter as travelingheidi and on LJ (pinkfinity) so if you can find me there too, that would be awesome.)

  1. notmissmarple said: C - Well, J knew her (I think?), but I, you know. Am shy and awkward and then had several years of un/intentional internet solitude, and so it goes. But look! I occasionally pull my head out of my ass!
  2. wordplaying said: Yeah, y’all should know each other - I sort of can’t believe you don’t already?
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