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Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas have worked so hard to make this movie happen. Now we have to help them actually make it a reality.

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I admit it, I’ve seen some episodes of Veronica Mars but not all of it (I was afk having babies for much of its run, and basically didn’t watch TV from 2000 until late 2006) but I adored her on Heroes, and so many people love the show (noting that there are flaws in it, as there usually are) so I’m backing it. 

James Poniewozik wrote a good piece for Time about why media fans should support this even if they aren’t necessarily VM fans, if they can afford it:

I will say that this is an important experiment, not just for this particular movie but for the movies (and TV) in general. Yes, I’d like to see Veronica Mars get a chance to come back. (And I say this as someone who doesn’t always think movie versions of TV shows are a good idea; but Veronica Mars’ mystery format and unfinished business make it a good candidate.)

The bigger deal, though, is what a successful Mars mission could mean for supposedly lost causes, niche stories, and tough-to-finance projects in the future. Getting a movie (or a TV show) made successfully isn’t just about pleasing a home audience; it’s about crafting a pitch that convinces a smaller audience of studio executives or investors that the show is worth their money. You may really want a certain movie to be made, but you are only going to buy so many tickets (or, later, DVDs). In other words, in movies as in TV, there’s an assumption that you have to satisfy a broad audience to succeed.

I’m lucky - my favorite cancelled genre show is about to (probably) get rebooted by the CW (Tomorrow People, SQUEE! Thank you Plec and Berlanti!) so I don’t need a kickstarter to get to see it. But another Doctor Horrible, or a Firefly, or someone to buy the reprint rights to random novels from the 50s and 60s that I read in childhood and get them into ebook form? 

If this kickstarter is a success and leads to those? 

It will change entertainment as we know it. 

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