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Two views of the Harry Potter: Still Magic panel at SDCC as a follow-up to my writeup for OTW_News.

SO many thanks to panelists Lauren Bird (HPA), Joey Richter & Brian Rosenthal (StarKid), Alex Carpenter (Remus Lupins), Harrison Homel (IQA), Mark Oshiro (MarkReads), Leslie Combemale (ArtInsights) and Kazu Kibuishi (new Harry Potter US book covers).

We practically filled an 850-seat room at the end of the final day of Comic Con, by which time people are normally exhausted, under-nourished and occasionally hung over (yes, even that late into the afternoon) but the audience was brilliant and enlivening and enlightening.

Yes, we plan to do it again next year - but if we’re at the end of the day again, I think we need to arrange an after-party nearby with cupcakes or cronuts or popcorn, because 45-50 minutes is not enough to contain the whole Harry Potter fandom, because if the question is Still Magic? then the answer needs to be ALWAYS.

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    Thanks to IQA Teams Director Harrison Homel for representing the IQA at the San Diego ComicCon!
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    I’m told we’re getting the official video from Comic-Con later this summer so you can all see why I still have a big...
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