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So ‘Heroes’ is back. NBC has ordered a 13-episode event series from Tim Kring set to air in 2015. In a press release, the network said that they won’t rule out the possible return of original cast members but,  ”until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy.”

It seems like a move inspired by Fox’s revival of ‘24,’ the difference being ‘24’ was good for most of its run. If ‘Heroes Reborn’ does 13 episodes like “Company Man” maybe it’ll be worth it. Otherwise, I’m predicting big premiere ratings and then steep fall off thereafter (given the quality picks up where it left off). If Kring is smart he’ll do all new characters and abilities.

Also, of note, is this might be the closest thing NBC has to comic book characters. With ‘Gotham’ at Fox, Marvel at ABC and DC at CW, where did that leave NBC if they wanted to compete for that audience? ‘Heroes’ I guess.

Now go enjoy #NBCReboots on Twitter.

I. Just. Cannot. Even.

Will there be any Petrellis?

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Sheldon explaining fandom life

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19 January 2014 ·

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1 October 2013 ·

Happy 7th Anniversary, Heroes! Today in 2006, you took to the small screen, and you were awesome. 

I miss that.

Happy 7th Anniversary, Heroes! Today in 2006, you took to the small screen, and you were awesome. 

I miss that.

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Horrorharlot and I were quoting this scene *just yesterday.*

We could have had it allllll….

Show I loved completely.

For two seasons and one episode.

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on a scale from bryan fuller to steven moffat how well does your show’s producers treat its fandom

Gather near, all, for I will tell you of the Time of the Kring, which began in peace and harmony with hot brothers, awesome cheerleaders, funny comic book geeks, sexy moms and a hot scientist in 2006, added a mysterious serial killer not long after, spun wonderful yarns and got people thinking and talking and then decided that backstories were irrelevant, future AUs were stupid, and the brothers couldn’t kiss each other after thinking the other was dead.

Tim Kring gave me stories, introduced me to characters, and threw it all out for no logical or illogical reason, without any glimmer of consistency or real interpersonal interaction.

I was in Hall H on that day in July of 2009  when we saw the start of Season Three and it was wonderful. Then, he betrayed us, and I will probably never fully trust a showrunner again.

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The watchmaker’s son … became a watchmaker. It is so futile. And I wanted to be … important.

I loved this show so much…. 

Up until the moment when they retconned about six episodes to reverse Gabriel being another Petrelli brother, because my headcanon had long been that he and Peter were twins and a Primatech genetic engineering project. 

(I still watched it, all the way to the end. But I never trusted it again.)

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26 May 2013 ·

"How can people binge watch Heroes when there’s only one season? Don’t argue. Heroes only had one season. It is known."

~ Charmed and Supernatural Are Among the Top Ten Shows We Foolishly Decide We Can Watch All At Once, If Only We Don’t Sleep (via themarysue)

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11 April 2013 ·

Random family photo is random. 

Random family photo is random. 

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9 March 2013 ·

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20 February 2013 ·

I was lucky enough to see this episode at Comic Con in July of 2008, surrounded by the writers and some of the minor cast members, with the main cast and Kring watching as well - for some of the cast it was the first time they’d seen the episode all the way through. It was in Hall H, and the people I was with had been waiting since the night before to get in - I’d been lucky enough to arrange to show up at four in the morning with donuts and bagels and a box of Starbucks coffee, so I was able to join them. 

About 90 minutes before Hall H opened, reps from Universal came through the crowd, starting in the front, and had us draw tickets out of bags - 250 people were going to get to meet the cast of The Mummy, 250 more to Pineapple Express, 250 to Land of the Lost, etc. I managed to score the ticket to Pineapple Express, and a friend had a conflict so she gave me her Mummy ticket. 

Yes, meeting the cast members was awesome, and the Making of the Mummy book I got (signed) was brilliant, and I was allowed to get some bears signed for my friend Lisa’s Bears for Breast Cancer thing and James Franco in person was adorable. 

But that episode of Heroes, when we hadn’t seen the show since February because of the writers’ strike that year, was absolutely perfect. 

And we thought it was the start of another wonderful season, as perfect as the first one had been. 

Well. Maybe notsomuch.

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12 February 2013 ·

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12 August 2012 ·

Oh but why? The show never did!
(Nor did the actors.)

Oh but why? The show never did!

(Nor did the actors.)

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Sherlock and Heroes crossover. How many secrets are there in Baskerville?

Well, this explains a lot. I love the idea of mashing up the show with the awesome concept and just OMGWTFAREYOUDOING do you not remember what happened two episodes ago?!?!?! and the show of complete precision, accuracy and continuity. 

30 June 2012 ·

OMG Sylar is in the White House!

Didn’t we see that in S1 of Heroes? 

(This isn’t the White House, is it?)

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